In this remarkable series, you will discover how to unlock the greatest force in ALL the earth—that force is THE BLESSING!

What Is The Blessing—
The Most Powerful Force on Earth

Three-CD Series with Study Guide

In this powerful series, Gregory Dickow defines exactly what the blessing of God is and how you can tap into it.

  • No Need to chase the blessings when you already have THE BLESSING
  • Walk in all the benefits of the greatest power—the greatest force—in all the earth
  • You CAN, and you WILL walk in

The Blessing—
Promises, Benefits & Miraculous Effects 

Three-CD Series with Study Guide

In this insightful series, Gregory Dickow will help you discover:

  • The supernatural benefits and effects of the most powerful force in the earth - THE BLESSING
  • The three decisions you need to make in order to release the blessing in your life
  • How the blessing is the force that turns you from sin, turns your life around, and empowers you to live above ONLY

The Blessing—
How to Release the Blessing
Over Everything in Your Life

Three-CD Series with Study Guide

In this extraordinary series, Gregory Dickow shares the practical truths from the Word of God on how to release this amazing force. You'll learn:

  • The 3 instruments of power that bring you into the promises of God and the fullness of God's blessing for your life
  • How to release the Blessing
  • The 3 things that are the secret entry into the Blessing of the Lord and much, much more

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The Blessing:
The Most Powerful Force on Earth 
3 CD's + study guide

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